Thursday, February 04, 2010

Random Seattle


Carsten said...


Love said...

The ship canal between Lake Union and the Sound

zmzm92 said...

Ruxandra said...

Amazing pictures!!!!!!!!!! Keep on going!

Soniaa said...

Oh they're expectacular photos.
You're really good.

I'm From Argentina. Love it

Hoshi No Tsuya said...

Your pictures are amazing!
I like the style, it's pretty cool.
Hope you keep on uploading them.
"Seattle" is the one I liked the most.

Thanks :)

red ticking said...

love the shots... and glad to discover your blog... hope you have a great weekend... pam

Anonymous said...

what a nice pictures

i really love them

love.... i want to ask u what is the lens that u use them ?

cuz i want to buy a new lens and i dont know what to buy
i need it for nature actually

can u help me

if u need anything send a msg to my e-mail

and answer me pls

iam waiting